Modus formerly known as “Medusa” has changed their name and followed up to the success of the Knockout blend line. Introducing the all new Modus Upper Cut Blend gummies in 7 different strains. These gummies contain a potent blend of Delta-8 Live Resin + THC-H & THC-JD. We highly recommend only consuming one gummy at a time to establish individual tolerance. These gummies are derived from 100% USA grown hemp and are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill Act.

Whether you’re looking for the famous Modus Knockout Blend, our Delta 8 or CBD 1:1 THC gummies, you’re in the right place! Shop the full collection of modus gummies and Modus edibles.

Expertly crafted with quality is our top priority! These gummies are infused with a blend of high-quality CBD and Delta 9 THC to provide a balanced relaxing buzz. Our extracts are sourced from premium hemp plants to ensure maximum potency and purity.

  • HEMP DERIVED DELTA 9 THC: On a molecular level, hemp-derived delta 9 THC and regular delta 9 THC are the same. This means that hemp-derived delta 9 can still produce the same euphoric and relaxing effects that users seek, while still remaining within the legal limits of the 2018 Farm Bill. 
  • CBD: CBD is celebrated for its potential therapeutic benefits, including relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation, and stress. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological functions such as mood, sleep, appetite, and immune response. Users often report feeling a sense of calmness, relaxation, and overall well-being. buy modus gummies


Are Maxed Out Gummies Legal?

Yes, Modus Maxed Out Delta 9 CBD Gummies are completely legal and contain under 0.3% THC (on a state by state basis). While they do contain Delta 9 THC, all of our extracts are derived from hemp, making them compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Nonetheless, we recommend checking your local laws before you order any product from our store.


Sugar, Corn Syrup, Pectin, Sunflower Oil, Water, Flavoring, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Acid Sulfate, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Food Coloring, Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC, CBD


Great price, very fast shipping. Product was well-packaged and in excellent condition.

Judy | customer

Excellent service and easy to order format. I highly recommend your company and will shop here again…..

Jenifer | customer

Order arrived w perfect timing and Intact. Would definitely order another product to this company again. Love their service

White | customer


Following up the success of the Knockout, introducing Upper Cut Gummies available in 7 flavors!
Modus Gummies are made with natural ingredients to guarantee satisfying texture and impeccable quality. We can bet that you won’t find anything like this on the market.
These gummies contain extracts from hemp plants grown in the U.S. and are tested by a third-party laboratory before they hit the shelves.
Product Features
– Ingredients: Delta 8 Live Resin, THC-H, and THC-JD
– Strains: Passion Fruit x Guava, Sour Blue Razz x Sour Strawberry, Sour Melon x Lemonade, Mystery Flavor, Tropical Mango x Golden Pineapple, White Grape x Fuji Apple, Black Cherry x Limeade
– Strength: 3000mg per bag, 150mg per gummy.
– Made With US-Grown Hemp
– Third-Party Lab Tested

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